Your best friend in good skin

We love to make you look and feel good. Our award-winning medical spa has been serving Toronto amazing skin since 2017, with a team of experts who specialize in medical aesthetics and cosmetic injectables.

Who We Are

We are skincare-obsessed.

Beauty is defined by you, and you can consider us the friends who know how to get you the best results possible. North’s team of certified experts, ranging from doctors to nurses to aestheticians, are self-proclaimed skincare nerds whose breadth of knowledge caters to a wide range of skin types, skin tones and skin concerns.

We are inclusive.

Everyone is treated like a VIP at North. The treatments we offer and machines we source are inclusive of all skin tones and textures, and our space is accessible to ensure all clients feel welcome and comfortable whenever they come to visit.

We are honest.

You know that feeling of comfort and ease you get at your best friend’s house? Well, that’s what you’ll feel like at North. Our skincare recommendations are always honest, ethical and safe, and the final decision on treatment will always be entirely up to you – no pressure, ever.

We are relationship-builders.

Your skin’s health is our number one priority and we know that good things take time. When you come to North, you automatically become a part of our community – one that is committed to treating your skin for the long haul. Starting with our complimentary skin consultation, we take the time to understand your skin and work together to create a treatment plan to meet your goals.

We are confidence boosters.

Our end goal is simple – to make you look and feel your best. The service you’ll get at North is rooted in empowerment, professionalism and warmth. 

We can’t wait to take care of you.

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