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What is Teeth Whitening?

Our Professional Teeth Whitening treatment is performed with light technology. Light technology is referred to as photo stylization and was first approved by Health Canada for teeth whitening in 1996. The Infinty™ Series lights feature 8 LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) “bulbs” that emit a cool blue light with a wavelength of 480-520 nanometers, which is well within the visible light spectrum wavelengths. The light technology system works by accelerating or catalyzing the chemical reaction, which results in speeding up the treatment time. During a treatment, the accelerator light is placed directly in front of your open mouth for 15 minutes. The Infinity™ Series lights emit the perfect wavelength of light and are designed to accelerate the whitening process of our teeth whitening gel.

What is the Teeth Whitening Treatment Like?

With our Teeth Whitening treatment, you are first given a teeth-cleaning swab that is used to remove any plaque from the surface of your teeth. The beginning shade is measured and agreed upon with the use of a mirror and dental shade guide. Then, you insert a mouth prop and cheek retractor into your mouth.

Using the gel syringe, a tiny BB-sized droplet of gel is placed on each of your teeth that are to be whitened. The whitening gel is applied on each tooth with a fine-tipped micro brush. You then relax fully against the headrest of the chair and the light is positioned correctly and activated. You relax in the chair with the light on for 15 minutes, at which time the light will automatically turn off, you then rinse your mouth with water.

Double Session – If a second 15-minute session is to be done, you swish and rinse with water. Then fresh gel is applied again to your teeth, and the process is repeated. After a final mouth rinsing, the treatment is complete.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

During your treatment, you may feel a slight tingling, bubbling or effervescence against your teeth for the first few minutes. This is normal and is the sign that the gel is producing the oxygen that does the work of bleaching.

It is very uncommon for even sensitive teeth to experience any discomfort from this process. If any sensitivity does occur, Sensodyne toothpaste is recommended.

Is the Teeth Whitening Treatment Safe?

Yes. Extensive clinical research and trials have shown that Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is safe. Many dentists and dental researchers consider this process to be the safest dental or cosmetic procedure available. We recommend that any women that are pregnant or breastfeeding do not have this procedure done.

This research has shown that bleaching your teeth with peroxide-based gels do not harm the enamel of the teeth.

Research also shows that neither the gel nor the light being used will cause any nerve damage.

Can I be Treated with Crowns/ Veneers?


Can I be Treated with a Temporary Crown/ Bridge/ Veneer on my Teeth?

It is recommended to wait until you have permanent restorations in place.

How Long Will My Teeth Stay White?

Your teeth will remain white for one to two years if possible and depends greatly on your lifestyle and habits. If you drink a lot of coffee, tea, dark soda, or red wine, or especially if you smoke, the results will not last as long, and you may have to repeat the process more often.

Which Starting Teeth Shades Respond Best to Teeth Whitening?

In general, if your teeth are stained yellow, it will be easier to whiten them. Gray teeth are harder to whiten and don’t respond as well as yellow-stained teeth. If one’s genetically determined base teeth colour is yellow (that is, not stained yellow), then those teeth will be considerably harder to bleach white.

How Will the Small White Spots on My Teeth Look Before/ After Bleaching?

These areas on your teeth are decalcified, which is very common. The areas will respond and whiten more rapidly. However, the rest of the tooth will eventually catch up and become more uniform as you continue to treat.

When Will I See Results From Teeth Whitening?

Everyone’s teeth are different. As we all have different body chemistry, dental health, genetics, etc. Most people will experience a 1-3 shades whiter difference with a 15- minute treatment, and 5-7 shades difference with a double (two back-to-back 15-minute regimens) treatment session. The new multi-session regimen, which is five 15-minute treatments any way the client wants, doing no more than a double in any 24-hour period, over the next six months, may result in more than 10 shades whiter from start to finish.

When Can I Return to Work/ Normal Activities Following Teeth Whitening?

We recommend that one should avoid eating or drinking any stain-causing foods or beverages (coffee, tea, cola, red wine, dark fruit juices) for at least 24 hours. If you need to drink these beverages during this time, we recommend you use a straw to avoid a lengthy contact time with your teeth.

Are There Side Effects to Teeth Whitening?

A slight tingling sensation is normal. If any discomfort is experienced, it is best to discontinue and consult your dentist. White spots on teeth or gums are not uncommon and will dissipate in a day or so.

Don’t You Have to Be a Dentist to Whiten Teeth?

No, the Canadian Dental Association and Health Canada have approved the use of peroxide for over-the-counter use. We do recommend that our clients visit their dentist regularly and if they do not, we will advise them not to whiten their teeth until they have done so.

How Much Does a Teeth Whitening Treatment Cost?

  • Teeth Whitening 15 minutes – $100.00
  • Teeth Whitening 30 minutes – $150.00
  • Teeth Whitening 60 minutes – $200.00

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