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Classic and Bio-Gel Manicures now available at North Medical Spa! Book Now.

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What Can I Expect from a North Medical Manicure?

Each Manicure experience will include a cuticle clean up, nail shaping, Gel or Polish application (polish optional), and a relaxing hand and shoulder massage. The luxurious oils and creams from Leaves of Trees will be used throughout the massage, leaving skin soft, rejuvenated, and supple.

What Polish Products Do We Use?

At North Medical Spa, you can expect to find a wide range of polish options from OPI and Essie. We offer some of their most dazzling colours, to their neutrals. We will have the perfect shade that fits your specific mood! Both brands of polish are of the highest salon quality and offer rich colour, high shine effect, are long-lasting, and streak-free.

Looking for Something More Than Just Regular Polish?

You’re in luck! With our Manicures, our options extend far past regular polish. Manicures with Bio-Gel polish or CND Shellac polish are available, should you prefer a manicure that lasts longer and is chip-free.

Bio-Gel is a nail polish product that cures within minutes and resists damage for 14+ days of superior colour without chipping, scratching, or smudging. Bio-Gel is also a 5-free product offering no damage to the nail bed.

CND Shellac is a polish that uses a unique 8-patent-formula. CND Shellac will leave your nails flawless and shiny and offers a wide selection of beautiful colours to choose from. CND Shellac is also the only non-damaging, long-lasting polish that doesn’t require soaking, filing or roughing of the natural nail. The product is specially made to be thin and flexible, just like regular nail polish, but with a mirror finish that resists chipping and dullness for 14 or more days.

What Makes Our Manicures So Special?

With the use of the luxurious Leaves of Trees creams and oils, our manicures are ultra relaxing all the while leaving your arms and hands moisturized and pampered.

All of their products are made with ethically sourced ingredients and are 100% cruelty-free. The all-natural products will leave your skin feeling smooth, rejuvenated, and healthy.

Help! My Nails Are Damaged and Need Some Serious Attention

With IBX Repair, we can treat weak, thin, and damaged nails. IBX uses conditioning monomers (molecules that bond together) that can penetrate the nail plate under gentle heat, strengthening the natural nail by filling in gaps and ridges and providing a protective shield to prevent nails from breaking.

Is a Manicure Safe?

Yes, each Manicure at North Medical Spa is performed with the highest standards in hygiene and sanitation by our trained and professional staff. All of our polish and Bio-Gel products use the ‘5-free’ formula. 5-free nail polish products are among the best in the market and are free of the five hazardous ingredients commonly used in nail polish today.

What is the Duration of a Manicure?

  • Classic Manicure: 30 minutes
  • Bio-Gel Manicure: 45 minutes – 1 hour
  • Bio-Gel Removal: 15 minutes
  • Bio-Gel Removal and Application: 1 hour

How Much Does a Manicure Cost?

  • Classic Manicure: $45
  • Classic Manicure no polish: $39
  • Bio-Gel Manicure: $57
  • IBX treatment: $15
  • Polish change: $22
  • Bio-Gel Polish change: $45
  • Bio-Gel Removal: $12
  • Bio-Gel Removal + add on: $6

Do We Offer Tips and Designs?

At the moment we are keeping it classic at NMS and are only offering simple, beautiful, classic manicures and gel applications. If you are looking for nail extensions or designs, we are likely not the place for you!

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