Blogger Catherine Sugrue from Edit Seven came into our medical spa for our filler injections: Tear Trough Fillers. She has shared her experience!

“I’ve oscillated between dismissing this idea altogether and just going for it. For a while now, I have researched before and after photos, watched videos of procedures looked up ingredient lists and effects. I’ve even talked to people who’ve had it done themselves. But it was only when I met the incredible staff at North Medical Spa in Toronto. And I felt good about it. They made this very personal decision of mine to slightly alter my face into such an easy, comfortable and safe one.

So, I decided to get tear trough fillers done. I went into the appointment super prepared with all of my research done. I even talked to the clinic about it several times before going ahead with the procedure. The whole thing was virtually painless, super simple. I had minimal healing time, and I even noticed a difference right away. Now, I didn’t come into this wanting to look totally different–I should still look like me, but just a fresher version. That’s why going to a clinic that will say no to certain things or won’t push the limits too far, is so darn important. I was immediately more confident from the second I walked out the door and into the next phase of Catherine.”

Continue reading all about Catharine’s experience in her amazing article; I’m a Natural Health Practitioner, and I Got Filler Injections In My Face.