Freeze away those stubborn areas.

CoolSculpting™ is a non-surgical, safe, proven and effective fat-freezing treatment which selectively targets fat cells and eliminates them through the body’s natural cell removal process. This treatment is particularly well suited to eliminate stubborn fat cells that persist despite exercise and diet.

Clients of all shapes, sizes, ages and skin types may benefit from CoolSculpting™, though it’s important to note that CoolSculpting™ is not a weight-loss program.

CoolSculpting™ is also used to optimize results following surgical procedures like liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and other surgical procedures. CoolSculpting™ can help correct post-surgical irregularities, such as uneven fat removal or small pockets of remaining fat

Treatment Areas

What to expect

On the day of the treatment, your CoolSculpting™ technician will attach specialized applicators to the areas of concern and the treatment usually takes at least an hour depending on the number of areas addressed. Many patients are often surprised to learn that the treatment itself is actually not cold, but quite comfortable.

Most of our clients use this time for some quality ‘me-time’ – enjoying a book, a cup of tea, watching a movie on an iPad or indulging in another North Medical service such as a HydraFacial™. As a special service, we offer you a complimentary Nutrition Counseling session with a Certified Nutritionist when you book your CoolSculpting™ treatment.

Once the applicators are removed, the North Medical CoolSculpting™ practitioner will perform a quick, two-minute manual massage on the treated area to further break up the fat cells and improve elasticity (up to 65 percent).

Price list

The cost of the CoolSculpting™ treatment will vary depending on the desired area you wish to be treated. We encourage everyone to come in for a complimentary consultation, during which we will go over all the details of this treatment including cost and what to expect (please note we also offer flexible payment plans).
Your Questions Answered

Many clients report seeing visible results within a few weeks of treatment, with full results generally seen 3-4 months following treatment. Although not a guaranteed result, some clients also notice some skin tightening in the area treated, in addition to fat loss. For some areas, multiple sessions may be required to achieve desired results. Once you’ve had enough sessions of the treatment, you won’t need to repeat as the effects are permanent.

Most clients report feeling a slight suction sensation for the first few minutes after the applicators are activated. After this initial feeling, most clients forget the applicators are attached and report very little discomfort during the treatment. Everyone is different; if you’re feeling any discomfort during your treatment, we encourage you to discuss it with your North Medical CoolSculpting™ technician.

CoolSculpting™ is a safe, tolerable and effective treatment that has been approved by Health Canada and is widely used in several countries. Our highly trained North Medical Practitioners will be able to assess whether CoolSculpting™ is right for you. To ensure your safety, it’s important to discuss your current state of health, any changes to your health and any medications you may be taking with your North Medical Practitioner at every appointment.

Most clients resume normal activities right away, and there are no dressing changes required. In the first few days or weeks following treatment, some clients report slight discomfort, numbing or tingling sensations in the treated area. Some clients also experience some bruising or redness in the treated area that typically goes away in a few days. Everyone is different – if you have any questions or concerns about how you’re feeling following treatment, be sure to get in touch with us right away.

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